MPJBT New Building, Johor

MBJTPejabat Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bahru Tengah, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

In brief, the early history of Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council began with the establishment of 8 Local Councils during the 60s which was under the Town Board Enactment 118. Due to the residents’ growth and increase in asset, on 1 March 1978 Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal was formed under the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) that covered areas of 104.7 km² with total residents of 150,000 people.

From this continuous growth, in year 1995, the Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal’s administration areas had been widen up to 303.48 km² with total asset increased to 98,515 units and the number of residents increased by 500,000 people.